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Baldock Town Bowls Club
West Avenue, off Norton Road, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 5AY
Affiliated to Bowls England, Hertfordshire Bowls, L&D.B.A., N.H.W B.A., E.B.D.B.L.
West Avenue, off Norton Road, Baldock Hertfordshire SG7 5AY
Affiliated to Bowls England, Hertfordshire Bowls, L&D.B.A., N.H.W B.A., E.B.D.B.L.
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Roll Up Rules

Club Roll Ups
We have relaxed the ruling on only allowing one player to roll up on their own, this now means that you can now play with one member from another household.  With this in mind please limit your bowling ‘circle’ to a small group of friends, ie. Don’t play with a completely different person every time you roll up. Please do not offer a lift, or accept a lift from, anyone outside your household. Members of the same household should continue to bowl with themselves only.
The following rules have been amended to reflect this, please carefully read the following pages as there are also some smaller changes based on the first days of successful play.
The government guidance is known well by now by all of us. The health of yourselves and your fellow members really are in your hands. So please maintain social distancing. If you or members of your household are showing symptoms (with or without a test) please stay at home, use the hand gels provided or bring your own.
Opening and closing of the green

We have several volunteers, however some more would be brilliant, if you are prepared to help please email me at, or text me on 07511315508, or call me.
The side gate (greenkeepers gate) and the equipment shed will each have one padlock which only require one key between them (ie the same key). Each volunteer will have their own key.

We will need to open at least 20 minutes before the session starts, open the gate (leave open).

Leave the first aid box in front of the shed, lock the shed, leave the gate open and go home. Closing is obviously the reverse.
Place two mats and two jacks and a bottle of sanitising gel on the end of all six rinks. Spray one side of the mats and the jacks leave to dry for 5 minutes then spray the reverse side of the mats. We have a trolley to save the to-ing and fro-ing with the equipment.
Booking system
Please email me at, or text me on 07511315508, or as a last resort call me, and let me know the names of the player(s) that will be on the rink, the player making the booking will get conformation of booking at least the day before, no player should assume they have booked a rink without the reply and therefore should not arrive at the club expecting to play.
 The rinks will be used 1,3,5,2,4,6 with 20-minute intervals with a one hour duration. Days and times of opening as I have stated will depend on demand, however there will be daytime, evening and weekend sessions. The green will not be open if it is raining heavily, this will be communicated to all participants on the day if required.


Players should arrive at the green no more 10 minutes before their allocated time slot, dressed for play ie. Correct shoes, you may wear any clothing you wish, and should either drive to the green with bowls shoes on or change in their car.

Upon arrival at the rink they should sanitise their hands. Enjoy your rollup.

Upon leaving the rink leave the mats and jacks on the end of the rink, sanitise their hands and immediately exit the green and return home.
Players are welcome to bring their own mats and jacks.
Food and drink will be permitted, rubbish will have to be taken home. Alcohol will not be permitted.
I am aware that some members have belongings in the changing room, they will need to contact me for safe entry to get them.
You will have to take everything you need and take it home for future use.

The use of each rink will be one person plus one other person from outside your household (social distancing must be maintained) OR members of the same household only.
Other points
The clubhouse and therefore the toilets will remain closed. The public toilets are currently closed. Anyone found to be using areas around the green for relieving themselves face being banned from future rollups.
The first aid box will be left in front of the equipment shed.
For those members wishing to play, we are asking for a nominal £30 membership fee. This will help towards the up-keep of the green and the additional fees we have had to cover for sanitisation etc. to ensure your safety.
Any player not complying with these rules runs the risk of the green being closed. Please be sensible, follow the rules and enjoy yourselves.
Joe Moorley - Club Chairman
For and on behalf of the committee of Baldock Town Bowls Club
email, or text on 07511 315508, or call

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